Air Conditioning

Air Conditioner Installation & Maintenance in Guelph

Hot summer heat can affect you indoors if your air conditioner isn’t working properly. At Murray Young Enterprises Inc., we service and install air conditioners so that your home can be comfortable all year long. We’re dedicated to helping our customers live in comfort, and that includes providing excellent service. Whether you need air conditioner installation in your new home or you’re looking for some minor repairs when it starts to get warm outside, we are here to help you!

Maintenance & Efficiency for Your Air Conditioning System
Maintenance is essential for the efficiency of your air conditioning system, especially because it goes months without use. If you notice strange smells the first time you turn on the AC in the spring, or you’re air conditioner won’t turn on at all at that time, you need to get your air conditioner inspected by a professional. To maintain efficiency of your air conditioner, you’ll want to follow our maintenance tips.